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Once your inner health is under control, your attention may turn to your appearance. The field of aesthetics has never offered a wider range of cosmetic options, many of which are available through Dr. Shirley Wang. Call today or request an appointment to get started on a younger-looking you.


Problems with your thyroid gland often mimic adrenal gland issues, so much so that it’s often difficult to diagnose where the problem originates. At her integrative medicine practice in Irvine, California, Dr. Shirley L. Wang considers thyroid and adrenal wellness as a system and treats it as such.

Sexual Wellness

One side effect of the natural decline in hormone production is a change in sexual wellness that both women and men can experience as they get older.  It plays a role in all aspects of your overall health.  If your sexual performance isn’t what it once was, call or click today for an appointment.

Sleep & Brain Function Optimization

Sleep is not only essential for rest and rebuilding your body’s physical systems, it’s also a crucial time for your brain to organize and revitalize itself. Request an appointment for help with sleep solutions and brain function optimization.

IV Therapy

Intravenous delivery is a quick way to incorporate nutrients, vitamins, and supplements into your body. It’s why hospitals use IV bags for delivering hydration and painkillers during surgery or urgent medical care. IV therapy delivers several treatments more effectively than pills. Request an appointment online to learn more about IV therapy treatments.

HGH Therapy

The effects of aging hit both women and men in a multitude of ways, and they’re different for everyone. At her integrative medicine practice, Dr. Shirley Wang understands the individual response to aging and stands ready to help you handle any disruptive symptoms with HGH therapy. Request an appointment today to find out more about how this therapy can help you.

What People Are Saying About Us:

    Dr. Wang on the other-hand is the epitome of what a medical practitioner should be. I have never met her, not yet. I contacted her on Yelp and she took the initiative to contact me on a Friday night. She asked questions that were actually relevant the situation and added insight.
  • GRETA H.
    She is down to earth and relatable and made me feel so comfortable - nothing was taboo or 'weird' to talk about.
    I appreciate that she takes her time to make sure she's thorough with your care and explains everything very clearly.  She's honest and I really trust her with my health care.
    Dr. Wang is wonderful! Very professional, whipe remaining very personalble, unlike most doctors you will find today. She spends the time necessary to understand the issues and works with you until a solution is found.
    She was amazing! Gave her a call and started giving me tips through the phone! Truly a doctor who cares about her patients right from the beginning. Definitely would recommend her!!
  • BYRON R.
    Dr. Wang is a very relatable, laid back and friendly person. She treated me in urgent care for  issues with my tonsils, and the whole time we exchanged friendly banter, (she  picked up that, I too am a pretty laid back person)She has high energy and loves what she does.

Primary Care with Shirley Wang, MD

Functional and Integrative Medicine

General Practice with a Point of View

Our Mission:

We use a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to assist in the optimization of health and well-being for quality of life as determined by the patient.

Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine:

We provide primary care by treating the patient as a whole person and addressing the root of problems with a combination of lifestyle medicine, nutrition, allied health professionals, and conventional medicine. We accept the mind-body connection and the impact of mental health and emotional balance on physical health. We understand the importance of hormone balancing for optimal well-being. We acknowledge the relationship between internal and external health. We know that there may be multiple ways to attain the desired outcome. We work in partnership with the patient and respect the individual’s choice to choose which approach to take. Above all else, we value kindness as we support those we help.

Who We Support:

We recognize and honor the dignity of each person. We support each individual’s right to live a productive and authentic life. To that end, we support associations that emphasize social justice, including:

-Project Kinship: We offer free tattoo removal, support each individual’s right to contribute to the community and support their families, humanize individuals by highlighting stories, and promote awareness of the impact of trauma.

-World Professional Association Transgender Health: We plan to offer hormone management. We support the right of all individuals to live their truths.

-Planned Parenthood: We refer patients for family planning options.