Trans Hormone Therapy

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Transgender Affirming Hormone Management

People are different, bodies are different, and there are various ways of moving through the world.  We see you and we believe you.  For our gender diverse population, our LGBTQ doctor provides affirming care to meet your goals.  We understand that appropriate and timely care is necessary.

As a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), we follow the latest guidelines for medical and mental health care.

Medications to Support You 

  • estradiol, spirinolactone
  • testosterone, finasteride
  • leuprolide

For Increasing Estrogen:

estradiol (oral): 1-4 mg daily

estradiol (patch): 0.1-0.2 mg, apply twice a week

estradiol (pellet): 60 mg-120 mg

spirinolactone (testosterone blocker): 50-200 mg twice a day

Labwork: CBC, creatinine and electrolytes (spirinolactone), ALT/AST, total testosterone, estradiol, lipids, A1C

Contraindications: unstable heart disease, estrogen-dependent cancer, end stage chronic liver disease

Estrogen is known to increase the risk of: blood clots, gallstones, elevated liver enzymes, weight gain, elevated triglycerides, vascular disease

Estrogen may increase the risk of: high blood pressure, high prolactin, diabetes

No current evidence for: increased risk of breast cancer

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For Increasing Testosterone:

testosterone gel (transdermal): 2.5-10 mg daily

testosterone patch (transdermal): 2.5-10 mg daily

testosterone cypionate/enanthate (injection in muscle or fat): 50-100 mg weekly

Labwork: CBC, ALT/AST, total testosterone, LH, A1c

Contraindications: pregnancy or breastfeeding, active known androgen-sensitive cancer, active endometrial cancer, poorly controlled psychosis or homicidality

Testosterone is known to increase the risk for: increased red blood cell count, weight gain, acne, sleep apnea, male pattern baldness

Testosterone may increase the risk for: elevated liver enzymes, lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular disease

No current evidence for: bone density loss, breast/chest/uterine/ovarian cancers

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