Stem Cell Therapy

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Affordable Stem Cell Therapy

Your best bet in terms of stem cells are umbilical cord stem cells.  In terms of quantity and quality, they have yours beat.  We’re older, so we don’t have as much and they don’t work as well.  Some procedures take fat stem cells from your body, but those are already differentiated and, again, they’re old.  Dr. Shirley is certified by the International Society of Stem Cell Application, so make an appointment to discuss which options are right for you.



Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy with Cord Blood

Stem cells have been used to treat a variety of degenerative, inflammatory, and neurological conditions.

You may notice:

  • improved joint pain
  • faster wound healing
  • decreased inflammation
  • increased energy
  • improved sexual function

We offer exosomes also!

Stem cells are given at 30 million at a time because excess is destroyed by the liver.  But, stem cells release packets of growth factors called exosomes, and it’s possible to use more exosomes that could be attained with 30 million stem cells!

It is possible to use peri-natal placental mesenchymal exosomes in joint injections, IV protocols, wound healing, and aesthetic procedures.



  • $3000 for 5 million stem cells: 1 small joint (finger) or tendon or neuropathy
  • $4,500 for 10 million stem cells: 1 large joint (knee)
  • $5,500for 30 million stem cells: IV and/or multiple locations


  • $1600 for 2 billion exosomes
  • $2000 for 3 billion exosomes
  • $2500 for 5 billion exosomes
  • $7000 for 15 billion exosomes

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