Micronutrient And Allergy Testing

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Are you concerned about your nutritional health? Do you think nutrient deficiencies or allergies are the reason you’re not feeling like yourself? Dr. Shirley L. Wang, at her integrative medical practice in Irvine, California, offers personalized nutrition counseling based on micronutrient, allergy, and genetic testing. If you’d like to know more about micronutrient and allergy testing, call the office or book an appointment using the online booking agent.

Micronutrient and Allergy Testing Q & A

What is personalized nutrition?

Dr. Wang creates a personalized nutrition program for you based on your genes.

You know that what you eat affects your health, but you may not know to what extent. Researchers are learning that food may play a role in turning on or off genes associated with disease. This area of science is referred to as epigenetics and nutrigenomics.

  • Epigenetics: the study of outside factors that affect genetic code
  • Nutrigenomics: the study of food and health and its effect on the genetic code

Which genetic tests help determine a personalized nutrition plan?

Dr. Wang offers specific genetic testing to determine the best diet that matches your genetic code. These tests include:

  • MTHFR: gene responsible for an enzyme that processes amino acids
  • COMT: gene linked to an enzyme that helps control hormone levels
  • TNF-A: helps regulate inflammation
  • APOE: provides genetic code for making apolipoprotein E, which carries cholesterol in the bloodstream

Once Dr. Wang knows your genetic profile, she creates a personalized nutrition plan that includes the best food choices and supplements to optimize your health and help you achieve your desired weight.

What tests are available to test micronutrient deficiencies?

Dr. Wang offers tests to detect your nutrient deficiencies and toxicities to help her develop your personalized nutrition profile. These tests include metabolic analysis for:

  • Organic acids: a urinalysis to determine compounds produced during metabolism
  • Toxins and minerals: tests toxin and mineral levels for excesses and deficiencies
  • Fatty acids: evaluates red blood cell membranes for fatty acid imbalances that may affect inflammation
  • Oxidative stress: tests antioxidant levels and oxidative stress status

How are allergies tested?

Whether it’s a food or environmental allergy, Dr. Wang may be able to determine what your allergic to by performing certain tests, including a:

  • Blood test: measures allergy antibodies
  • Skin test: a small amount of the allergen is placed on your skin and monitored for a reaction
  • Challenge test: a small amount of allergen is eaten or inhaled and you’re monitored for a reaction

What are the benefits of micronutrient and allergy testing?

After Dr. Wang has prescribed your personalized nutrition plan based on your genetics, micronutrient status, and allergies, you may notice a significant improvement in your overall health.

More specific benefits may include:

  • Having more energy
  • Weight loss
  • Improvement in mood and anxiety
  • Better digestion

The personalized diet may also help improve health conditions such as heart disease, chronic pain, and inflammation. If you’re involved in sports, a personalized plan may improve your game.