Regenerative Medicine

Anti-Aging Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly expanding field that is focused on enhancing the natural repair of the body.  With age and with injury, mechanisms of repair decline.  Hormones decrease.  Telomeres shorten.  Errors in replication increase.  Protein synthesis declines.  What can be done to address the loss of our vitality?

Hormone Replacement

Our hormones are responsible for many functions, including promotion of our immune system, metabolism, gastrointestinal health, and bone density, among others.  Our hormones decline with age.  This makes it harder for us to bounce back from injury.  Our physical stamina and mental acuity decline, and we notice that we aren’t as energetic as before.  Hormone replacement therapy can balance our body to improve function and quality of life.

Growth Hormone Peptides

It is illegal to use human growth hormone for anti-aging purposes.  However, we can use growth hormone peptide therapy to stimulate the release of growth hormone that we naturally make and store in the pituitary gland.  Over time, we release less and less of this hormone, which promotes regeneration throughout the body.

PRP and Stem Cells

Growth factors derived from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and umbilical stem cells may improve the healing process by decreasing inflammation and pain.  Much research is being done in this area to study the benefits for a wide-range of conditions ranging from sports injuries to autoimmune illnesses.