Ozone Therapy

Feel Well Again

Use Ozone to Recover from Covid

10-30% of people continue to experience symptoms of Covid for weeks to months.

Don’t be a long hauler.  


Recover from both active infection and lingering symptoms:

-Fatigue, worsening symptoms after physical or mental exertion

-Brain fog, memory, concentration, or sleep problems

-Shortness of breath, cough, chest pain

-Fast or pounding heartbeat, dizziness

-Muscle pain, headache

-Loss of smell or taste

-Anxiety, depression


Benefits of Ozone

Whereas oxygen is 02, ozone is 03.  Once ozone is in the blood, it converts to oxygen 02 and an extra single oxygen that stimulates many processes:


 -Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, parasites, and mold.

-Ozone enhances the immune response.

-Ozone stimulates wound healing.

-Ozone increases mitochondria efficiency.

-Ozone decreases inflammation.


ozone saline IV

Ozone IV 10-Pass

Coming Soon in June!


With the Hermann Ozone IV 10-Pass System, you get efficient ozonation of blood.   A normal IV catheter in the arm is automated to draw 250 mL of blood.  Once the blood gets ozonated, the blood is returned through the IV.  You can repeat this up to 10 times. 

-Bounce back from current flu, common cold, sinus infection

-Beat long Covid, chronic lyme, mold infection

-Enjoy greater energy

-Sleep more soundly

-Move with less pain

-Tackle stress more calmly

$100 per pass

-30 minutes for 3 passes

-60 minutes for 4-10 passes

Add-ons: glutathione, vitamin C, B complex, B12


prolozone, ozone therapy


As an activated form of oxygen, ozone works through several mechanisms to heal tissues, mainly through enhanced production of energy within cells.

Prolozone is an oxygen injection technique developed and pioneered by Frank Shallenberger.  It is an excellent treatment for musculoskeletal and joint pain.

Conditions treated:



-torn ligaments and muscles

$100 for injection, average 3 treatments

Add-ons: FSM microcurrent, Weber laser, BPC peptide therapy


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