NovaThreads PDO Lift

[fancy_heading h1=”1″ title=”PDO ThreadLift”]Non-surgical facelift pulls up sagging skin and smooths out wrinkles.[/fancy_heading]

NovaThreads are a brand FDA-approved absorbable PDO in thread form.  Polydioxanone is suture material that is fully absorbed by the body within 4-6 months.  The presence of PDO threads stimulates collagen synthesis that continues to hold for another 12-15 months after the PDO has dissolved.

How can PDO Threads help me?

Threads can create instant skin lift, mimicking a light facelift.  Threads can pull skin back and up, plump up smile lines and frown lines, add definition to the lip border, and add volume to the skin to diminish fine lines.  Threads also tighten skin over time by stimulating collagen production over 4-6 weeks.  There is no down-time.

How are PDO Threads placed?

PDO Threads are needles that are pre-loaded with PDO threads that are injected into the skin.  The needle is inserted just under the skin parallel to the surface and then pulled out while leaving the thread behind.  Unlike with dermal filler in syringes, the use of threads avoids unevenness and bumps.  Numbing will be used for comfort during the procedure.

Why are there different shapes of PDP threads?

Threads come in different forms: smooth, coiled, and barbed.

Smooth threads placed in the dermis add volume to thinning skin with fine lines and crepiness.  These threads create scaffolding to support the tissue that is lifted with barbed threads.

Coiled threads add more volume and can be placed in the deeper frown lines, smile lines, and lips borders.

Barbed threads have microscopic barbs that enable lifting of the skin.  These threads can be used in areas of sagging skin, including the forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck, abdomen, arms, buttocks, and legs.

Can PDO Threads be removed?

Novathreads may be adjusted or pulled out prior to finalization of insertion.  They may also be removed with a needle and tweezers after placement if needed.

What is the price of Thread Lift? 30-minute visit expected

Pricing varies on the number of threads used.  Pricing starts at $600.

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