Level Up Your Health with Membership

Membership: $200/month, $0 initiation fee, minimum 1 year, $100 re-initiation fee if repeated after cancellation

  • May be applied to the first visit
  • Up to 2 visits per month, max 1 hour each time
  • Annual physical
  • Yearly EKG
  • Routine pap smear
  • Neuroemotional Technique (NET)
  • Medical visits with emphasis on improving and maintaining health with focus on different health systems throughout the year:
    • Q1 (Jan, Feb, Mar) gut: detox, inflammation, weight management, nutrition, inflammation
    • Q2 (April, May, Jun) heart: inflammation, sugar balancing, cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, sleep
    • Q3 (Jul, Aug, Sep) hormones: sleep, cognition, memory, fatigue, stress, skin, mental wellness
    • Q4 (Oct, Nov, Dec) Immune system: allergies, cold prevention, stress, sleep
  • 20% off genetic analysis of metabolic pathways
  • 20% off hair nutrition test
  • 20% off other services (skin care, IV and vitamin shots)
  • 20% off supplements
  • 20% off microbiome, nutrition, and allergy testing

Meet your goals by Leveling Up with a personalized medical plan to optimize your body’s systems.