Drip Bar

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Feel better quickly with IV and shots that bypass your gut to get into your body quickly and effectively.  Boost your energy level, your immune system, and your cognitive sharpness.  Ask Dr. Shirley how to customize this drip bar for your needs.

Shot Bar and Cocktail Menu

Energy Shot

-Vitamin B12 for metabolism and energy

Sunshine Shot

-Vitamin D3 for immune support

Detox Shot

-Multivitamin and Mineral detox of the liver and skin

Mind Sharpener Shot

-B complex and alpha lipoic acid for natural adderall effect

Skinny Shot

-MIC, B-complex, carnitine for fat burning

Pain Shot

-anti-inflammatory ketorolac or steroid

Myer’s Cocktail IV

-Multivitamin support for the immune system and hydration

Hangover IV

-Multivitamin, anti-nausea, headache, and stomach support

Skin Glow IV

-Glutathione for bright skin, immune support, and anti-inflammation

Flu Buster IV

-Vitamin C, B, anti-inflammatory medication for fast immune support and to get rid of the congestion

Blood Builder IV

-Iron for energy

Muscle Builder IV

-Amino Acids for overall nutritional support