The Benefits of

IV Drip Bar

and Shot Bar

Depending on your gut health, genetics, and overall medical condition, absorption of substances orally may range from 3-25%.

IV Drip Bar

Regenerative IV – Stem cells

Umbilical cord stem cells: Liveyon

Promote healing of injuries and disease.

$3,000 for 3 million: small joint

$4,500 for 5 million: large joint

$5,500 for 30 million: IV, mult areas

$3,000+  1 hr

Happy IV – Ketamine

Get relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD.

$400 – 2 hrs, incl consultation

Natural Adderall IV – NAD

Enjoy mental clarity and focus, energy, detox, and anti-aging benefits.

$250 for 250 mg, 1-2 hrs

$350 for 350 mg, 3-4 hrs

$600 for 500 mg, 5-6 hrs

$250+  1-2 hrs

Ozone IV 

Ozone turns on your immune system, detoxes your liver, decreases inflammation, and stimulates your mitochondria.  Beat long Covid, chrome lyme, and chronic fatigue.  Boost your immune system to tackle illness.  Decrease inflammation and address autoimmune processes.  Improve energy, sleep, and mood.

SALINE (for SMALL VEINS): $200, 500 mL, 30 min

BLOOD: $100/pass (average 5 minutes/pass)

$300 – 60 min, 1, 2, or 3 passes

$600-1000 – 60 min, $100/pass

Add-ons: $50 UV, $50 PEMF, $150 IV cocktail

Glow IV – Glutathione

Brighten up your skin, hair, and nails.  Detox, decrease inflammation, and boost the immune system.

$150 for glutathione

Add-on: $50 for B and C vitamins

$150 – 30 min

Get Well IV – Meyers Cocktail

Boost your immune system with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Add-on: $25 each for zofran (nausea), toradol (pain, headache), prednisone (congestion, rash, muscle ache)

$200 – 30 min

Hi C IV – Cancer Support

Support the immune system and boost the effects of chemo.  Limit the side effects from strong chemo medication.

$200 for 25 g

Add-on: $25 of additional 25 g

$200 – 30-60 min

Laser Light IV – Weber

Different frequencies of energy/light activate a variety of pathways in the body.  Use red, yellow, green, blue, and IV to heal your body.  Boost mood, energy, detox, and your immune system.

$200 – 1 hr

Blood Builder IV – Iron

Beat anemia with Venofer 200 mg.  Must bring lab report showing iron deficiency.  Avg 1-3.

$350 – 1 hr

Heavy Metal Detox IV – Chelation

Heavy metals like lead and mercury can cause hormone imbalances and neurological symptoms.  Avg 10-30 treatments.

$100 – 30 min

Shot Bar

Prolozone Shot – Ozone

Speed up healing of joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles

$150 – 15 min

Sunshine Shot – Vitamin D3

Boost mood and immune system. 250,000 IU

$60 – 15 min

Glow UP Shot – Glutathione

Brighten skin, detox, and boost your immune system.

$40 – 15 min

Skinny Shot – MIC, B12, Carnitine

Give your body what it needs to burn fat.

$40 – 15 min

Power Up Shot – NAD

Increase focus, energy, detox, anti-aging.

$40 – 15 min

Energy Shot – B12

Boost energy.

$20 – 15 min

Home Kits

Skinny Shots – 10 mL

2-3x/week to beat that flab.


NAD Shots – 1000 mg

20-100 mg 2-3x/week as needed for instant mental and energy boost.

$150/month, 2 month supply 

NAD Patches – 800 mg

1-2x/week as needed for instant mental and energy boost.


B12 shots – 10 mL

2-3/week for energy.


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