IV and Vitamin Appointments

Regenerative IV

Umbilical cord stem cells

$3000 for 3 million

$5000 for 5 million

$8000 for 30 million

Decrease pain and inflammation. Promote healing of injuries or disease.

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Ketamine IV


Treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, pain.

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$250, 250 mg, 2hr

$350, 350 mg, 3 hr

$600, 500 mg, 6 hr

Use NAD to sharpen your mind, repair your DNA, reverse aging, boost your metabolism, and combat fatigue.

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Myers Cocktail IV


-vitamin A, B complex, B12, C, minerals

Boost your immune system, metabolism, hydration.

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Blood Builder IV

$350 Iron Venofer 200 mg

Must bring lab report with low iron.

Can order here:


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Weber IV laser

$200, 1 hour

-Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, UV, Infrared

-Support hormones, mood, energy, circulation, immune system.

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Get Well IV


-vitamin C, B12, B complex, vitamin A, zinc

Feel better faster.

-prednisone (congestion, muscle ache)

-toradol (headache)

-zofran (nausea)

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Glow IV

$100 glutathione 1000 mg

$200: glutathione 1200 mg, vitamin C 500 mg

Brighten skin, decrease inflammation, detox.

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Hangover IV


-Hydration, electrolytes, B12, magnesium

Get back on your feet.

-toradol (headache)

-zofran (nausea)

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Sunshine D Shot


Vitamin D3 250,000 IU

Support your immune system, mood, and bone health.

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Glow Shot

$40 glutathione 200 mg

Detox, brights skin, decrease inflammation

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Boost energy and concentration.

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