IV and Vitamin Appointments

IV Stem Cells: Umbilical cord

$3000 for 3 million

$5000 for 5 million

$8000 for 30 million

-can improve joint pain, speed up wound healing, decrease inflammation, increase energy

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Ketamine IV

$450 for follow-ups
$650 for first

-Improves anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, pain

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$300 for 250 mg

-Improves anxiety, energy, addiction, concentration, metabolism

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Multivitamin Myers IV


-Immune boost



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Iron IV - Venofer

$350 200 mg

Must bring lab report with low iron.

Can order ferritin and CBC here:



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IV Laser - Weber Endolaser, Photodynamic Therapy

$250, 1 hour

$300, 1.5 hours

-Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, UV, Infrared

-for hormone production, mood boost, energy, focus, circulation, anti-inflammation, immune system

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Vitamin C IV

$200 for up to 25 g

$250 for up to 50 g

$300 for up to 75 g

$350 for up to 100 g

-Flu, sick

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$200 IV for 2000 mg

$40 shot for 200 mg

-Immune support


-skin clarity

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alpha lipoic acid, B complex, vitamin A, minerals




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Vitamin D3 Sunshine Shot

$40 for 50,000 IU

-improved mood

-stronger immune system

stronger bones

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