Stretch Marks and Scars

Improve unsightly scars.

How can Laser Genesis help make my scars better?

Laser Genesis improves scars by stimulating collagen remodeling in the surface.  This a quick and comfortable procedure.  Most patients choose between 3-6 sessions.

How can microneedling smooth out my scars?

Microneedling with very fine needles causes microtrauma that stimulate the production of collagen.  Better results are obtained with this procedure is combined with radiofrequency heat to increase the areas of stimulation and/or growth factors from platelet rich plasma (PRP) or ACell extracellular matrix to improve wound healing.

What is the price? 15-60 minutes expected

Laser Genesis $150

$350 microneedling with PRP

$450 microneedling with radiofrequency

+PRP $150

+ACell $150

+nitrox $50