Pico Genesis Laser for Melasma

Lighten the dark patches that are triggered by hormones and sunlight.

Melasma, notoriously difficult to treat and unresponsive to traditional lasers!

Melasma is a pigment disorder that causes brown patches to appear usually on the face but also in other areas exposed to the sun.  Melasma is worsened by heat, sunlight, and hormone changes.

Pico Genesis Laser to the rescue!

Because our Pico Genesis Laser uses ultra short pulses, it does not generate heat when photomechanically disrupting and remodeling the upper dermis layer.  This feature allows the Pico Genesis Laser to effectively treat melasma by lightening dark spots caused by melasma that don’t react to other lasers, IPL, and chemical peels.

How many treatments of Pico Genesis Laser will I need to treat my melasma?

The number of treatments needed depends on the the color of your skin and the darkness of the melasma spots.  Some patients respond well and are satisfied with 1 treatment, whereas other may choose 2-3 sessions.