Dark Spot Removal with Pico Genesis Laser or IPL

Brighten Up Your Skin

Finally!  A laser that treats dark spots for ALL skin tones is here! Pico Genesis laser has arrived!

*for minorities: Our Pico Genesis laser uses ultra short pulses that don’t generate heat.  No HEAT!  This means that the skin of Asians, Latinos, and African-Americans WON’T BURN the way it does with traditional IPL light therapy.

*for Caucasians: PICO Genesis laser is better than IPL for White skin when it comes to dark spots.  With Pico Genesis laser, a patient may need 1-2 treatments instead of 3-4.  This treats stubborn dark spots that don’t respond to IPL.

*for melasma: Unlike other lasers, Pico Genesis laser treats melasma, which notoriously worsens and darkens with heat.

*for men: Pico Genesis laser is also ideal for men who wish to target dark spots on the face without hair loss that occurs with IPL.

IPL photofacial multitasks by lightening dark spots AND REDNESS!

Unlike Pico Genesis laser which treats only brown spots, Limelight IPL evens out overall skin tone by treating redness as well as brown spots.  This works well for light/White skin.  Of note, IPL targets redness more effectively than brown spots, so stubborn brown spots may later be treated with Pico Genesis laser.